A film by Ken Koons

ChoppingThis award-winning project was created at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD, as part of the Common Ground on the Hill traditional arts program. Starting with a three-foot by twelve-foot long sycamore tree and using only hand tools and fire, the community constructed this dugout to find out what can be learned from traditional ways of working wood. This film explains how the boat was made, the archeological history behind the canoes, as well as their function.

The Dugout Canoe Project is currently in progress. This is the first edition of the film, produced in 2010. The first edition was a Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association award-winning documentary for multi-media story telling in 2010. The project and film production will continue 2011-12, and will include spiritual connections between the canoe and Muskogee-Creek Native American cosmology, as well as the canoe's first water journey.

FireIn keeping with the goals of World Community Productions and Common Ground on the Hill, we enjoyed collaborating with a diverse group of individuals on this project. Men and women, young and old, and people from remarkably different ethnic backgrounds: African-American, European, Euro-American, and Native American.

Produced in association with the Carroll County Times.
and Common Ground on the Hill

Watch The Dugout Canoe Project online. Go here.

Joe Baker
Joe Baker, Archeologist

Charlie Billie
Charlie Billie, Seminole Tradition Bearer

Shelton Browder
Shelton Browder, Journeyman Blacksmith, Colonial Williamsburg

Guy Davis
Guy Davis, Blues Singer and Performer

Ken Koons, Journalist

Walt Michael
Walt Michael, Director, Common Ground on the Hill

Göran Olsson
Göran Olsson, Swedish Tradition Bearer

WCPDVD0003 | 2010 | Color |1st ed | Approx. 34 minutes | Not Rated | NTSC